I often have people coming in to my rooms complaining of spinal related pains. After the consultation I can’t help but ask, ‘What do you actually do to help yourself?’

More often than not, I find that these spinal related pains are from sitting in front of the computer/driving in the car/sitting on the couch all day. Your spinal health is a two way street – its not about what your chiropractor alone can do for your spinal pains but rather about what YOU AND YOUR CHIROPRACTOR can do for your spinal pains. Expecting a chiropractor to fix you when you aren’t helping yourself is like going to the GP and getting anti-biotics but not taking them. Kind of seems pointless right?

I am a big advocate of promoting spinal exercises (just like we brush our teeth everyday) – especially in this day and age where children carry heavy school bags or sit slouched in class over their books and adults who sit in front of their PC’s everyday in terrible positions. The Straighten Up program is a brilliant spinal health exercise program – to see the exercises click here and follow the links to the Straighten Up Powerpoints.

*Please consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting with these exercises

*Should you feel any pain or discomfort during these exercises, stop immediately and consult your healthcare practitioner


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